Advice • Housing

At Citizens Advice Ipswich we can advise you on all aspects of housing including: rights and responsibilities of landlords and tenants, tenancies, housing benefit, rent problems, including establishing ‘fair rents’, advice on eviction and problems with neighbours.

We press for changes in housing law by using our knowledge of how people are affected by the current rules.


Where can I find information on finding a place to live?

I have problems with my mortgage. Can I get help?

How can I find out about problems to do with renting a home?

What rights do I have when it comes to getting repairs to my rented property?

How can I get help in dealing with my rent arrears?

Tell me about discrimination in housing

Where can I get help with moving home or improving my home

How will relationship breakdown affect my housing situation?

How can I deal with problems that I have in the neighbourhood where I live?

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