Advice • Welfare Benefits

If you are unsure about your entitlement to benefits, at Citizens Advice Ipswich we can advise you. We also have information on the current welfare benefits rates.

We can give practical help by helping you to work out your entitlement to benefits, help you fill in the appropriate forms, and help to challenge decisions.

We press for improvements in social security law by using our knowledge of how people are affected by the current rules.


Is there an independent online benefit calculator that will assess my benefits entitlement?

What is the relationship between national insurance contributions and benefits?

How are benefits and tax credits paid?

Where can I find information on challenging a benefit or tax credit decision?

Can I find out what help I can get if I am on a low income?

What benefits are available to people looking for work?

Where can I find information on benefits for sick or disabled people and their carers?

What benefits are available for families and children?

What benefits can I get when I’m older?

What restrictions are placed upon people coming from abroad who wish to claim benefits?

Where can I find out more about Universal Credit and how I might be affected by it?

What restrictions have been placed on Housing Benefit for social housing tenants?

How do I find out if the benefit cap affects my Housing Benefit or Universal Credits?

Are there benefits available for those bereaved?

What help can I get if I serve in the Armed Forces, or used to?

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