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If you are unsure about your employment rights, at Citizens Advice Ipswich we can advise you according to your written contract. If you do not have a written contract we can advise you about your statutory rights including the minimum wage and holiday pay. We can give advice about benefits or tax credits you are entitled to when in work. We can also advise on race and sex discrimination at work.

We can give you practical help by helping you make a claim for unpaid wages, checking redundancy payments are correct, advising on changes to terms and conditions, advising on your employee’s individual rights and identifying possible claims for unfair dismissal.

We press for changes in employment law by using our knowledge of how people are affected by the current rules.


Where can I find out about my rights at work?

Can I find out how to deal with problems at work?

What are my rights when my work comes to an end?

If I need to take time off work then how should I be treated?

I need information about discrimination at work. Where can I find it?

I want to know more about health and safety at work.

Can I find help with looking for work or self-employment?

How are my employment rights affected if I am a young worker?

Where will I find the ACAS Code of Practice online?

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