Advice • Debt and Money

At Citizens Advice Ipswich we can advise you on all aspects of debt and the course of action open to you. We can help with preparing a budget statement and negotiation with creditors.

In addition to our general service we can also offer specialist advice for debt.

We press for improvements in how people in debt are treated by creditors by using our knowledge of how people are affected by current rules.


Can I find out more about getting help with debt?

What sort of debt solutions are available?

Is there help for people with mortgage problems?

I have rent arrears. What should I do?

What action can my creditors take against me?

What are my options if I want to borrow money?

Where can I find out more about banks and banking?

Can I get help regarding savings?

Where can I find some general information about pensions?

I need to find out information about types of insurance, including PPI.

Is money advice available for young people?

Where can I find sample letters to send to creditors?

Is there information on choosing a qualified financial adviser?

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