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Press Release: Price control is a win for consumers, says Citizens Advice

Citizens Advice has responded to today’s announcement by Ofgem about the next price control for local electricity networks (DNOs), known as RIIO-ED2.

Nicky Willshere Chief Executive of Ipswich Citizens Advice, says:

“In the face of appeals by other energy networks over their price control, Ofgem has stood its ground by continuing to limit shareholder returns. This is a win for consumers. Energy networks have made billions in excess profits during the current price control and it is vital this isn’t repeated.”


Citizens Advice research (http://bit.ly/EnergyConsumersMissingBillions – July 2017) showed that energy network companies were able to overcharge energy customers by £7.5bn during the current RIIO-1 price controls.

Citizens Advice previously established five principles (http://bit.ly/CitizensAdviceRIIO-2Frameworkconsultationresponse) which it believes need to be met if the RIIO-2 price controls are to deliver for consumers.