Website Cookie Policy

Website Cookie Policy

How we use cookies

When you use our website, we add cookies to your device to:

  • make sure the website works well for you
  • find out how you’re using our website so we can improve it
  • help us run fundraising campaigns effectively

By using our website, we assume you agree to us adding cookies to your device. If you want to disable, block or remove cookies, you can do this at any time.

Cookies other companies add to your device

If you use tools or services on our website that are delivered by other organisations, they might put cookies on your device when you use it.

The tools and services we have on our website from other organisations are:

  • Google forms, maps and Youtube videos – read Google’s privacy policy
  • Jotform forms – read Jotform’s privacy policy
  • embedded Twitter feeds – read Twitter’s cookies policy
  • videos through Vimeo – read Vimeo’s privacy policy

Finding out how you use our website

We use tools called Google Analytics to help us understand how you’re using our website.

They collect information by putting cookies on your device. They share that data with us and we use it to improve our website – for example, making popular pages easier to find.

Google Analytics collects information about:

  • which links you click on
  • your browser, device and operating system
  • the language you’re using
  • your screen’s resolution
  • the length of time you’re on our website
  • your ISP and approximate ISP Location (City, Region, Country)
  • how you got to our website

The data collected through cookies is all anonymous – you can’t be identified by it.
We store the information for 26 months and then delete it.
Read more about how Google Analytics uses cookies.
This cookies policy only covers and its subdomains. Websites we link to should have their own cookies policy.

Other terms and conditions

For all other terms and conditions relating to this website, and your use of it, please see our terms and conditions page.

For details of how we use your information, please see our privacy policy.